Current issues that affect the case of OSI and EVA application

The first factor that comes to play is the problem of competition. Surely, there are other outsourcing company that offer outsourcing service just like OutSource, Inc. Some could be larger, some smaller, but what ever the case is, the point is that they are not alone in providing the same service. That is why they have to be the best in their field. Having EVA could be an edge, as a provider of quality service, any profit oriented company would gain a lot because of patronage and a good number of regulars.
The world market is big enough for service providers like OutSource, Inc. Therefore, it is up to them if they could stand up to the challenge. Conclusion OutSource, Incorporated, just like any other business firms, would like a value for their investment, thus exerting a good deal of effort to maximize their profit. With various factors playing in the business world today, it is an edge to have a strategic plan on how to handle various situations, especially when it comes to financial matters.
The companies who are able to do a lot with what they have spent gets the most out of it. Thus, it is a big edge to utilize Economic Value added principle. It is a pro-finance strategy that could be utilized so that the returns of the investment in the company would be maximized. EVA takes care of the business you worked hard to establish.

Stewart, B. (2004). What is EVA? Retrieved February 4, 2007, from http://www. sternstewart. com/evaabout/whatis. php

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Current issues that affect the case of OSI and EVA application
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