Current Issues Between the Native Americans

The four groups that I have chosen for identifying their linguistic, political, social, economic, religious, and familial conventions and statues of Hipics groups living in the United States are Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, and South Americans. To start with they all speak Spanish yet they do have different dialects depending on where they are located. I have had experience with the Cubans personally and the Mexican American personally everything else I have learned from our research. The Mexican American population is the largest minority group in America.
There are many Mexican Americans that do not speak Spanish at all and only speak English, but these are the ones that were usually born in the United States. There are also some that are bilingual and then there are some that do not know English until they start school. The Mexican Americans are also active in the civil rights movements, from workers rights to voting rights. Their social status is poor due to lack of education and they are strongly tied to their families. Families are very large and extended family is just as important as immediate family members.
Most are Catholics and their religion is very important to them, but there are some that are protestant. Mexican Americans tend to take low paying jobs and this means that they work in mining, agriculture, transportation and ranching. Puerto Rico’s Linguistic background is strongly defined by Spanish and English. Most Puerto Ricans speak both languages fluently and use it in everyday life for work and play. Puerto Rico’s political division is the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), which supports the commonwealth rank for the island; has been the leading political party since 1940.

Their has been a large decline in the popularity of the PPD over the years but it is still remains the island’s main political party. Their families are very close just like all of the other Hipic groups. Family life and the amount of time they spend with their family is very important to the Puerto Rican society as well as other Hipic groups. They usually live close to family members and attend church together, which is a very important part of their culture.
They are generally Roman Catholics and their culture has a heavy influence on African and Spanish beliefs and traditions. When it comes to Cubans who are generally located in Florida or that region and they migrated here to be freed from Fidel Castro. Like the other Hipic groups the Cubans have very large families and are very close to all members including extended family members. Cuban Americans are generally affiliated with politically with Jewish Americans and are known for their powerful conservative ethics.

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Current Issues Between the Native Americans
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