Culture of India and Western Culture

| | Mounting western culture degrading India on the whole. Have you ever seen the pictures of Jatindranath Mukerjee or Chandrasekhar Azad or Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose? Apart from being leading revolutionaries of the Indian freedom struggle, these three great personalities had something more in common. Almost in each picture you will find each of them clad in perfect Indian attire or dhoti-kurta. Do you find the same dress among Indians still? Unfortunately, it is becoming almost extinct more and more and the day is not far when its best position will be in the museum of any Indian metropolis.
What inference can you draw from this lamentable specimen? Western influence is rising in the Indian society by leaps and bounds and its intensity is rising with the passing of each year almost. There is hardly any doubt that the entire course is moving contrary to the dreams of the founding fathers of independent India in August 15, 1947. They had thought that the country, winning independence after the freedom struggle of almost two centuries at a stretch, would regain its vigor and set up its basis, rooted in its own intrinsic culture, with conviction.
What we are witnessing at the moment is not sad or unfortunate only but just the opposite also. Within the seven decades of national independence influences of Indian culture have started to drain almost. Even if there is any, it is under the greater protection of the western umbrella. Well, you don’t have to go anywhere else – a few glimpses of the Indian television scenario or cable television’s are going to be enough. Gone are the days when the Indian television industry used to speak in favor of national harmony, secular traditions and unity in diversity.

These days, the messages of national unification have ceased to come to the fore and the programs have been replaced by reality shows dominated by women clad in skimpy dresses. These sorts of shows go against the age-old Indian traditions and in a word, affront Indian values only. But Indians are so wild that they have little time for the national stature. Is India developing then or on the wane? You have to make the decision. Culture” and “Tradition” are more significant in a country like India which has always een cherishing its rich culture and heritage and it’s quite well known for it worldwide. But these things are just on paper and are slowly losing their sheen. Why? India is known by her people. We, the younger generation are the representatives of India in a true sense of the word. Even in history, we come across various incidents where the youth took the lead to bring about a change and get India independence from the British rule. We, the Indian youth have always been the power and pride of India.
We are the sole cherishers of India’s pride and its heritage which actually lies in its culture, its diversity, its uniqueness. In such a scenario, where the point of a rich cultured country like India is facing the problem of losing its culture, are we, the youth; the Indian youth not ACTUALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS? Are we not putting our own self image, our self respect, our mother India’s pride at stake by doing so? Just think about it my dear friends. There is no problem as such when we follow the western culture to some extent.
The problem is we are forgetting our culture to a greater extent. Why should we do so? 21st century youth doesn’t mean forgetting the motherland and following or in short adopting western lifestyle in totality. Every culture has its own pros and cons. We individuals should be strong enough to take the good and throw off the bad. But what are we doing now? It’s a shame to see that “India’s pride”; “We Indian Youth” doesn’t have even a bit of importance for India’s pride and heritage, its culture; and we are easily influenced by western culture.
Right from our clothing, till the music, the films, our attitude, our lifestyle, in short every aspect of our life has totally changed. “Change doesn’t happen on its own; it’s we who bring about the change. ” But by this change, our mother India has lost its sheen and beauty; its place; its uniqueness in the world. AND WE, THE INDIAN YOUTH, PRIDE OF INDIA; ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT. Friends, it’s high time now and we got to think about this now or never. “STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE”!!!!
Essays on negative impact on India because of western culture? The culture of India has been shaped not only by its long history, unique geography and diverse demography, but also by its ancient heritages. Regarded by some historians as the “oldest living civilization of Earth”, the Indian tradition dates back to 8,000 BC and has a continuous recorded history for over 2,500 years. But due to the increasing development… Due to globalization… the rich culture of India is disappearing. The most impact is of western culture on India culture.
Western culture is based more on materialistic factors where as our culture has a spiritual base. The culture of India is been disappearing by many ways… the youths in India do not respect their elders, the families in India live separate… And thus have lost contacts with their other relatives… The big point which is making the culture of India to disappear in bollywood… the dressing style of the actresses, the slang word used in movies are been influenced the youth to bad step of life.
The young ones try to act the same as these actors do which is very bad to the culture of India… The lack of morals, the lacking faith in God, having late night parties, the influence of drugs and alcohols, least interest in Indian languages like Sanskrit, Hindi, Celebrating mothers day, fathers day, valentine day, fools day etc rather than celebrating our Indian festivals and thus wasting their precious time of life, Thinking to be independent at an early age Effect of western culture on Indians? The effects of the western culture on the Indians would be a high range of things. ne would be influential styles many of the youth started t change dhow they dressed because of the west culture. also their cooking, and language. many Indians were drove away from their native homeland. nowadays they all live on Indian preserves. Take a look around i doubt you will see Indians riding on a horse. You might say well I’m an American. Where did you ancestors come from? Probably from over seas. Well actually the only true Americans would be the Indians being that they were born and raised on American soil. I could go on and on, but i think that’s enough |
Impact Of Western Culture CHEERS”, and the party starts. With booze, fags and skimpily dressed girls who move their bodies to be the cynosure and to attract males. Everyone is wearing branded clothes, imported watches, designer accessories and what not. These things have become the necessities of the Indian youth and even the older generations. A father-son duo sitting together and enjoying their drinks, women going to pubs and discos and getting involved in obscene acts and girls taking their boyfriends to their homes to have a jolly time with parents and otherwise too.
What can one infer after reading the above lines? I guess, the first answer would be that India is changing over the course of time. India, as the name flickers, one thinks of religion, traditions, art and culture and it’s apt to think so because India is the country which is famous for its diversity in these aspects. The land where the great Raja Ram Mohan, Tagore, Gandhi transformed the thinking of people and removed the social stigmas like sati pratha the practice of widows being forced to sit on the pior of their husbands), untouchability and many more.
India was known as “Sone Ki Chidiya” (The Golden Bird) but the shine has faded away gradually with the change in I, YOU and WE. Indian society has evolved into a mixed breed of Western and Indian culture. People are becoming too much casual in both their personal and professional lives, how a “Good Morning Madam” has now become “Hi Diksha”, how a “Namaste Daadu” has become “Hey Grandpa”, courtesy the western culture.
The western culture has proved to be a setback for Indian culture, its rituals, its traditions and mannerism. The Indian morning which used to begin with bhajans and kirtans now begins with the rock of Metallica and the punk of Greenday. The age of losing virginity has gone down to teens — following the western culture, these days it has become a casual and usual trend to lose virginity as teenagers. The way in which Hollywood movies have created an…

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Culture of India and Western Culture
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