cultural diversity

Instructions:  In this course so far we have discovered stereotypes and how they can have an impact from the perspective of others. For this key assignment you will be conducting research and writing a paper on stereotypes and how they act as barriers to critical thinking.  Please follow these guidelines and questions:  Specifically you will be investigating and researching stereotypes that personally affect you or interest you. You could research stereotypes that affect you as a student, your gender, your culture, your religion or even age. You could look into a stereotype that is associated with your chosen profession or activities you do. The important aspect to remember is that your voice and experience should be the main focus on the project, and your sources and research should back up and support what you have to say.  Consider these questions: •Why did you choose this stereotype? Provide background on why you choose the stereotype you did, and why it is important to you to write about. •How does this stereotype affect you? What impact has it had, or might it have, in your life? •How does this identified stereotype act as a barrier when critical thinking is concerned? What is the importance of being able to think critically when dealing with stereotypes? •What steps could you take to change the perception or influence this stereotype has in your life? •You may discuss more than one stereotype in your paper.  Remember to keep personal voice throughout the paper, but support your thoughts with cited research.  The research paper must be a minimum of 750 words and include multiple resources. You must use APA formatting for any citations and referenced sources used. You must also include a bibliography (a reference page) in APA formatting

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cultural diversity
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