Cultural Business Report

You work for a large financial investment firm whose clients are medium to large size corporations worldwide. A company from [insert country here] is interested in partnering with your firm and has invited your CEO and several executives to visit their offices for several days of meeting and deliberation. The executives have asked you and your team to put together a report concerning typical business practices for that specific culture. They expect your team to present your findings and supply a digital copy for them to review.

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Cultural Business Report
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In the report, they expect you to address: high vs low context (pg 53), individualism vs collectivism (pg 54), power distance (pg 54), uncertainty avoidance (pg 55), time orientation, verbal and nonverbal communication, as well as any other helpful communication practices of which they need to be aware .

You should be specific about how meetings are conducted, how introductions are conducted, what the culture typically values most in business dealings (specifically, business with financial investors), etc.

In groups of 4-5, you will be putting together a business report concerning common business practices in one of the following nations.

ChinaJordanJapanKoreaIndiaUAEIsraelSouth AfricaFranceUnited KingdomSwedenGermanyItalyBrazilMexicoChileArgentinaAustralia


  1. The final report will be 2500+ words.
  2. Resources must be from academic materials accessed through library database or library catalog. 
  3. It should be designed according to the audience’s needs: visually professional, concise, and easy to navigate.
  4. It must be a PDF file.
  5. You are encouraged to use images, vectors, graphics, etc.
  6. You must cite all your sources (including images) in APA format.
  7. Minimum 5 sources


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