cte assignment 3


Personal reflection questions:

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cte assignment 3
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Who are the major providers of adult and continuing education in the United States today? Brainstorm a list of different venues where adult learning occurs. For example, community colleges and human resource development in business and industry.
Think about and identify where you are likely to be involved with adult learning.
Think about and identify the role you will play in adult learning (planning, delivery, etc.).

this is the discussion its separate from the first assignment 
 This discussion will focus on the differences between pedagogy and andragogy and will also touch upon the validity of andragogy as a learning theory. To prepare, make sure you have read the material in Unit 3 and have reflected on the differences and are prepared to discuss with your classmates. The discussion will occur over a three-day period. You will be required to make three postings each day. Please review the discussion grading rubric (available in Unit 3) for specific information on how your postings will be evaluated and your overall grade for the discussion determined. 


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