Crm- Module 1

Welcome to your first discussion!  I hope you enjoy the class and I hope you have fun with the discussions.  Please know that you are graded on what is posted below, even the word count with meaningful insight that is not repetitive or the words in the assignment repeated.  if you have any questions, please call me at anytime. 
Your first discussion needs to be on what you believe 
the definition of “Organized Crime” is without quoting your text
book or any other means and just putting it in your own words.  Have you
ever been in contact with any organized criminal organization?  What criminal
organizations are near where you live and how involved in the community 
are those organizations? (And keep in mind that all areas have organized crime near)
What are the structural means and what theory do they follow?   Which organization 
did you find most interesting within your first two chapters and why?  

You need to make sure you also join a minimum of two other discussions before your 
deadline.  Your deadline for this week’s initial discussion is Friday at midnight.  The deadline for the
response to your fellow students and their post in this discussion is Sunday at 
11:59 pm.  The post on your fellow students discussion board should be in depth and very well thought out and presented in a scholarly manner. 

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Crm- Module 1
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This in on EVERY discussion post.  

There will be no credit for work presented after the deadline.  This is throughout the course. 

Minimum 300 words in original/initial post that deal with the topics.  Please do not do word counts on your post and make sure you answer as a discussion, not a Q and A.  All questions should be answered. 

Also, I realize that many of you will not have your book this week and that is why you really do not need your book for the assignment this week.

There is also a website,, that allows you to read the first few chapters of each book.


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