Critical Thinking and Project Management Homework

Critical Thinking and Project Management Homework #2 use a Dunker Diagram to identify many potential solutions The Dunker diagram technique is used after you have articulated your “present state” and “desired state”. It is used to generate many ideas for solutions to a problem. But It works by prompting you to not only consider solutions that achieve the desired state but also solutions that make It “okay” -with you – to NOT necessarily achieve the desired state.
This technique Is a good one to use when you recognize hat it may be impossible to achieve your desired state completely, and therefore, you might have to consider solutions that will make it OKAY – with you – to not achieve the desire state as you have defined it. It forces you to consider solutions that would achieve an acceptable resolution to the conflict or problem. Create a Dunker Diagram to Identify as many solutions as possible to the dilemma described below. Turn In your assignment to the dropped on learn by the due date on the syllabus.
Scenario: You are the HER manager for a company that has a very large IT department (IT = Information Technology). In the next six months or so, you need to hire about 200 skilled IT workers (computer programmers, network administrators, database designers, web site developers, and help desk managers). You are running ads on job-posting web sites and working with a recruiting firm but you arena getting enough applicants with the required IT skills. There just aren’t enough people out there that have IT skills necessary to do many of these jobs.

Let’s express this dilemma as the current state/desired state: Your current state is you don’t have enough employees with strong IT skills. Your desired state is that you do have enough employees with strong IT skills. You decide to use the Dunker Diagramming technique so you can discover as many potential solutions to the problem as possible. Using “Dunker” thinking, you realize that there are two paths you could take: (1) Try harder to hire more people with strong IT skills or (2) Make it okay NOT to hire more people with strong IT skills. When thinking of ways to accomplish #2 – make it okay not to have to hire more experienced people – DO NOT suggest that you remain “under-staffed” because that goes not solve the problem) using the template, apply the Dunker diagram technique to this problem to come up with several possible alternative solutions. (See pages 470-473) for a quick reference on Dunker diagrams Circle # Fill in the blanks Find a way to hire more skilled IT people Instead of putting ads in the paper and waiting on IT workers to come to you, go out and recruit IT.

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