Critical Decision-Making and Problem-Solving

 Assignment 1: Critical Decision-Making and Problem-Solving
In this module, you reviewed processes and tools that organizations might use to identify a problem, derive a set of viable solutions, and select a venue that might best communicate the problem and solutions to the organizational members. You were challenged to consider alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint and the possible inclusion of storytelling, which is gaining renewed interest in the 21st century.
Complete the following:

Write a scenario based on your personal experience where communication problems affected decision outcomes at your organization.
Identify the communication problem areas that affected the decision-making process.
Who were the people involved in making the decisions?
Analyze how the communication problems affected the decision outcomes.
Outline strategies to avoid such problematic communication in the future and discuss how technology (and the types of technology) might be incorporated into the strategy. Citationally support your strategies with relevant scholarly research.

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Critical Decision-Making and Problem-Solving
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