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Criminology Alexander
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This week we are speaking upon subcultures and social control theories. Within society are subcultures that develop similar yet different social norms expected within the greater majority. In regards to developing criminal behavior, the influencers that contribute to criminal activity in adolescents’ range by many subfactors during child development. As we discussed last week, influencers that contribute to personal development derive from the experiences of the environment in which the reside in. According to Singh & Rani (2017), “Sociologists hold that different individuals have different reaction to the environment and that the criminal behavior is acquired due to this interaction” (p. 1). Social experienced with a subculture society depending on geological location and exposer to criminal activity have more likely the opportunity to influence the residence of the area. In time, the behaviors of such subculture manifest becoming a social norm. Additional factors may be relationship with parents and the household environmental experiences. Parental behaviors contribute to the development of external behavior of their children (Pinquart, 2017, p.1)

Within the subculture studies of middle-class norms explain how members within a subculture adopt patterns and behaviors within their own unique value system (Nwalozie, 2015, p. 4). That said, society is broken up in status groups from lower, middle, and upper-class individuals. All of society’s goal is to become successful whether it be wealth or self-accomplishing goals. Within each social class, different factors contribute to deviant behavior and future criminal activity

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