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Fourth Writing Assignment

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CRJU-4999-Senior Capstone Seminar

Spring Semester

All Assignments are typed

20 points


Internship Job Offer


Assuming that you did an internship in a local Group Home facility, Diversion Center, Transitional facility or a Crime Lab, Police Department, Sheriff Department, etc and after your internship, you are offered a temporary position where you work 20 hours a week. The facility/agency Manager offered you this part-time position because they thought you did an excellent job as an Intern. Now, you are about to graduate with a Bachelors of Science degree in Criminal Justice or Forensic Science from Albany State University, and due to a resignation of the Supervisor, the Facility/Agency Manager has offered you a position as a Supervisor. Now, you have worked in this facility for about two years as an intern and a part-time worker and you know all the problems that exist such as disciplinary problems, lax supervision, staff not being motivated, funding problems, etc. Specifically outline and discuss/describe how you plan to address these issues because the Facility Manager who does not have a degree will now be expecting you to do some miracles- to recommend some changes or make suggestions for improvement as the person next in command of the facility. 

Specifically outline/discuss/describe your recommendations and 


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