Criminal Enforcement website and find a Major Criminal Case

Please respond completely to the following questions and input your answers into this discussion.  
1. Go to the EPA – Criminal Enforcement website and find a Major Criminal Case that the EPA has investigated (within the last year). Post a link to the report and give a one paragraph synopsis explaining the outcome of the investigation.
2. You read all about Bernie Madoff and the elaborate ponzi scheme he created to steal hundreds of millions of dollars from everyday Americans. You might think that this type of high profile, white-collar crime only happens in big cities, think again. Read the following article: Dayton Ponzi Scheme, about the Bernie Madoff of Dayton. After reading the article:
a. Categorize and define the various types of crimes committed by the Defendant.
b. Explain the criminal aspects and civil ramifications of the Defendant’ actions.
c. Explain what crimes employee’s of the Defendant could be charged with.
d. The defendant in Dayton was convicted under Federal Law. Attempt to identify what crimes the Defendant could have been charged with under Ohio law. (Hint: Start here ORC Title 29)
NOTE: You must post your ideas directly in the discussion. DO NOT link or upload a document!
Provide your original post and replies to classmates in this discussion.  The directions are on the page preceding this discussion.
You must provide your original post and replies to at least two classmate posts.
This discussion is worth 20 points.

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Criminal Enforcement website and find a Major Criminal Case
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