Creative Response Assignment

For this assignment, you will try out your skills in writing flash-fiction (a very short short story). Please choose ONE of the three creative themes listed below and develop it as a max. 500-word short story.

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Creative Response Assignment
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–  Your story MUST be complete with a well-defined plot (a specific set of events with a beginning, a middle and an end), setting (the time and location of these events) and character(s). 
– Also, your story MUST include all the words listed under the theme titles. For instance, if you choose to write a story about insanity, the words “white,” “dream,” “bread,” “lipstick,” and “knife” should appear somewhere in your story– of course, not necessarily all in a single sentence and not in this specific order. 
TIP: It would be really useful to read a few examples of flash-fiction online before you set out to write your own.

Creative Themes:

Words to be used in the story: WHITE, DREAM, BREAD, LIPSTICK, KNIFE  

    Words to be used in the story: CLOAK, WALL, WIND, DAWN, SONG   

Words to be used in the story: JOY, STOMACH, TRAP, HORSE, SCREAM
Submission Rules:
Your story MUST be accompanied by a brief paragraph identifying the theme you have chosen and explaining the main idea/emotion/vision you have sought to convey. Submissions without this paragraph will be subject to a 10% penalty.

All late submissions will be subject to 5% penalty per day, including weekends. No submission will be accepted one week after the original deadline.

Will be graded out of 50 for creativity/effort and out of 50 for LANGUAGE (i.e. grammar, spelling, punctuation).




If you have any questions do NOT hesitate to ask.

I do trust that you are a native speaker of the english language.


Thank you.


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