Creating Multiple Page Layouts 4IP

Deliverable Length:  1 .zip folder including .html, .css, and any related files
Using Dreamweaver and your redesigned Web site, create a section page for your site redesign project.
The section page must contain at least two columns
The section page must also contain the site navigation scheme, customized for the particular section.
For example, if you created the “Sports” section, then you should slightly alter the Sports button image/text and deactivate the link in the navigation.
Create links both to and from your front page and section page.
Create two story pages and be sure that they link back to the section and front pages.
One story page should contain a title and a Flash video. Find a video that is under 15 seconds using your Web resources.
The other story page should contain a title and a text article formatted with CSS and a Flash animation (.swf) located somewhere on the page. Use the Web resources to find an appropriate Flash Animation.
Make any revisions to your page layout and navigation as you see fit.
Save your files and place a copy of your site’s root folder into a .zip folder.
A .zip folder that contains your .html, .css, .js, .swf, images, and any other files that you have used to create your Web site.

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Creating Multiple Page Layouts 4IP
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