Courthouse Essay

Courthouse Field Trip: READ THESE DETAILS CAREFULLY. For an easy grade, find your local courthouse and take a picture of yourself either in it or in front of it. Go inside and sit in on some proceedings taking place either in a courtroom or in chambers. You may watch civil or criminal, but not traffic court. Appellate court arguments are permissible. Please note that you will not be allowed in a federal courthouse with a camera or cellphone. If you are in a foreign country, please ask before taking pictures in or about the courthouse. Submit the picture along with an identification of which courthouse you visited and a detailed description of what you listened to.   Make sure that the picture clearly shows you and the courthouse. Make sure your description identifies the name of the judge. The written portion must be at least 500 words. Your name, date, and title of the report do not count toward the minimum. If unsure, make your essay 525 words. Any descriptions of how you got to the courthouse, how difficult parking was, or information found on the internet added to your report will not count toward the minimum either. The report should only describe what you watched. No research required or wanted. Your assignment must be submitted as a single pdf or ms/word file. I do not have the ability to accept any late submissions of pictures to be added to an otherwise complete assignment. You must submit the picture with your description. Submit the assignment via the assignment dropbox. I cannot accept email submissions. Do not wait until the deadline to do this assignment as sometimes the judges may be away on a conference. Failure to meet all of the requirements will result in large point deductions for this assignment. No exceptions.

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Courthouse Essay
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