Course Project

This assignment will introduce you to the Institute of Management Accountants, a worldwide association of accounting and financial professionals in business, government, and nonprofit organizations.  Their web site is at *******MUST USE THIS SITE****
The objective of this assignment is for you to locate the following topics at that site and summarize your findings in a Word document.  Include the hyperlink of the related web page.  Your submittal should be a three to four page paper using the Times New Roman font, 11-point type with one-inch margins
Locate and summarize the following topics:
           Who and what is the Institute of Management Accountants?
           What is the purpose (mission) of the organization?
           How many members are there and, generally, where are they located?
           Identify the closest chapter to your home or place of business.
           Describe the CMA certification.
           What are some of the benefits of obtaining the CMA certification?
           What are the requirements of obtaining the CMA?
           Are there any continuing education requirements?
           What is the average salary advantage that CMAs have?
           What is your understanding of the difference between a CMA and a CPA certification?

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Course Project
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