Country Side

Country Side Freedom surrounds those who aspire to achieve lonesome from the rest of the world. The perfect getaway is something that most people deserve once in a while. Complete solitary from everything and everyone nothing but fields for miles and miles away. The country side has a lot to offer the spectacular view and stunning landscape. It doesn’t matter whether it is winter, spring, fall or summer because either of these seasons changes the fact of how admiring the view is from a far. I am a victim of this ignorance. I never realize how precious and beautiful the country side is until I saw Harvey George W. ainting, New England Landscape, at the Andersons Gallery in Beverly Hills that opens my eyes into larger sense of beauty and strength. Harvey George W. was known for his Techniques of Fly Tying Fishing. Harvey was born on November 14, 1911, in Dubois, Pennsylvania. His father Archibald accepted a job as a stock farmer in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. That’s where he got inspired by painting the New England from his childhood memories. While Harvey was in the farm he had learned so many things and to appreciate what was handed to him, he did not come from a wealthy income family and all he could have done is go by what his expectation were.
His Father Archibald teaches him how fish by the stream right off the stream. Even more he was being afflatus by the nature that surrounded him. Harvey is not a well-known artist but more for his achievements at Penn State University. At Penn State he teaches Fishing Tying for the first Time in history and that class was accredited in 1947. Also he got offered to run in the Olympics but then he was diagnosed with pneumonia and did not get to compete. In my perspective view, seeing this painting of the country side makes me want to forget about life and go there to escape from the everyday basis.
The scenery is breath taking. The tree that is located on the center left hand is perfected it reflects how privacy is supposed to be like. The stack of hay behind the giant tree is a symbol of freedom. The hay represents how everyone who would like to be stress free can just hide behind a tree and forget about their existence. The farm town is far away like it’s supposed to be and endless fields. This portrait reminds me of my own family ranch in Mexico; it made me realize that I am taking that part of my life for granted.

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Country Side
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