Country Analysis Project

This assignment is to develop a broad understanding of cultural diversity in terms of cultural value, consumer behavior, and market environment. Each student is required to investigate information regarding the selected country’s cultural and consumer variables.
Written Paper (100 points):
Submit a 5-pages written paper excluding cover and references pages. The written paper format should be 1-inch margin on all sides, use double space, Times New Roman or Arial, and 12 font size. The paper should cover the following components:
Introduction: Describe research purpose and address the reasons why the selected country is important in global markets.
Cultural Variables: Identify characteristics of culture of the country in terms of: (a) language; (b) geographic condition; (c) religions; (d) cultural value, and (e) lifestyle.
Consumer Variables: Recognize specific consumer characteristics in the aspects of (a) consumer needs, (b) preferences of products or services in the retail setting, (c) consumption trends in the country.
Comparative Analysis: Analyze similarities and differences in cultural and consumer variables between the U.S. and the selected country.
References: List 10 references at least by APA style; recent references published in 2000-present. Click the following link for APA style reference tutorial:
1. Make a cover page including country name and your name.
2. To attach files, click Browse My Computer in the next to Attach File.
3. Click the button Submit in the bottom of this submission page.
4. Late submission will be downgraded at the rate of 10% for each day after due date (July 20, 11:59 pm). 

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Country Analysis Project
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