Counseling Assessment Paper

Counseling Assessment Paper Janell Brazeal BSHS 321 June 12, 2012 Joel Sadowsky Counseling Assessment Paper The life of a counselor is spent by talking with and listening to people. The main point of the counselors’ job is to interact with their patients and advise them on personal, family, educational, mental health and career problems they might be experiencing. Generally, counselors specialize in a specific field, such as; school counselors; rehabilitation counselors; mental health counselors; substance and behavioral disorder counselors; and marriage and family counselors.
One important thing a counselor needs to have is active listening skills. In reviewing my practice counseling interviews, and the written feedback I received from my colleagues I was able to see my strengths and weaknesses. Behavioral research studies done over the past 40 years have isolated three key characteristics of feedback. They are classified as specificity, empathy, and inquiry. These three elements represent key feedback skills so trainers can teach and assess effectively. Lawrence, 1995). My first interview, my client was sent to me for grades dropping. Before coming to see me, my client was a straight “A” student until she started working after school and joined a band which practiced three times a week. Her main concern was her parents finding out that she was failing three classes and that they would make her quit band, she didn’t care so much if she had to quit her job. My second interview, my client was referred to me for time management.
She needed help figuring out how to manage her time, between being a full-time mom; student; and wife. She feels guilty for making time to work on her studies because it takes time away from her children and husband. Her husband is the main provider for the household, so the only time she gets to work on her studies is when he is home from work. The constructive feedback I received back from my colleagues was that I offered first-rate eye contact; my body language was focused on the client.

I saw in my playback video, I sat straight and leaned in a little towards my clients, so I can hear them better. I asked direct questions, such as; how do you think your parents’ would react? How do you feel about your failing grades? What do you think you can do differently to improve your grades? Have you talked with your family about the importance of getting your studies and assignments done one time? Before ending my counseling sessions, I did set the expectations for my clients’ next visits.
Watching the video playbacks, I did notice a few mistakes and what I need to work on next time. I missed sharing with my client the confidentiality codes, I was a bit out of words, and I know better not to chew gum during an interview. I also gave advice in one of my interviews, which we were not supposed to do. What I think went well during my interviews is I offered that first rate eye contact, I had a formal ending and set the expectations for my clients next visits.
What I would’ve done differently during my interviews, is take make notes, asked more questions, and not offer advice. In conclusion, the life of a counselor is to have active listening skills. The counselors’ main job is to interact with their patients and offer advice/suggestions when needed. When we don’t use active listening skills, we’re not allowing ourselves to hear what the other person is saying. References Lawrence, Harriet V. Wiswell, Albert K. Training & Development, Feedback is a Two-Way street, July 1995, pg. 2

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