The assignment is to create a comprehensive cost estimate based on the generic plans for the warehouse (uploaded). Include all work associated with Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) MasterFormat 2004 Specifications Divisions 1 through 6 and 31 through 34. These Divisions are items typically associated with Civil Engineers. Be sure to include all items associated with sitework, concrete, masonry, and rough carpentry (hint: include the wood nailer for the roof) AND overhead and profit. A spreadsheet is located on this site for your use in preparing the estimate (uploaded). You can find unit cost/pricing information at or use any other sources such as R.S. Means, ENR, BNI, etc.
Note: Plans are labeled “Generic Plans”. Also, include your takeoff worksheets as backup
Please use all of the three excel sheets labeled (summary, Detail, and OH) within the uploaded spreadsheet in your cost estimate.
Attached is an Example of ( a similarly completed cost estimating excel sheet but for a different project). this for you to read ONLY, and to get a better idea of what the assignment needs.
Thank you, and looking forward for your completion of it.

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