corrections week 3 paper

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Assignment Instructions
Instructions: Analyze  the impact that various sentencing models have had on corrections. As  part of your analysis you must discuss at least two (2) different  sentencing models. 
 Each  student submission to the assignment needs to be 2 with APA 6th  ed. citations and references. Do not use any other form of referencing.  Each student submission MUST be uploaded as a Word Doc attachment. 
All assignments  must be written in an academic tone. You are not to write in the first  person. Instead you need to use third person. Remember, an academic  essay is not to be written like you are having a casual conversation  with your friends. Do not include slang or foul language unless you are  quoting someone.
Large  word-for-word quotes are not permitted as well. Direct quotes, if used  need to be only a sentence or two long. Instead, most cited material  needs to be paraphrased. For more information on properly citing sources  in your assignments please refer to the APA 6th edition  manual. While the assignments are to include an examination on current  research of a particular problem, they also need include the student’s  careful and informed analysis of the problem. 
Remember each assignment must be submitted as a Word Doc attachment. The assignment needs be written in 12 point font, using Times Roman. Margins will also need to be 1’ inch.
Each assignment will need to include the following:

The original question at the top of the essay (serves as the abstract)
The body of your answer in several paragraphs
A titled reference section that has been formatted according to APA 6th ed style.     
A minimum of two  references per assignment. One reference can include the textbook.  However, you will need to include other additional academic sources.  These sources should consist of scholarly journals that have been peer reviewed and  academically based books. Web sources can be used, though they should  come from credible sources such as government agencies, academics and  private agencies with a strong reputation within the community they  serve. If you have a question Examples of peer reviewed scholarly based  journals include:

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corrections week 3 paper
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                     Journal of Criminology
                     Crime and Public Opinion
                    Journal of Criminal Justice and Public Policy
                    Justice Quarterly: JQ
You will not be allowed to use web pages or web groups such as Wikipedia and,  as the information contained in these web pages are academically  questionable. You cannot use web pages of a questionable background or  academic source.
Furthermore, you  will not be permitted to cite encyclopedias, dictionaries, newspapers  (unless otherwise permitted) and popular magazines. It is important to  remember that this is an undergraduate level class and you are required  to submit undergraduate level work, which is backed up by academically  credible material. If you have a question about the quality of a  potential resource please e-mail your professor.


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