Corporate Social Responsibility – Malden Mills

Corporate Social Responsibility accounts for the boundaries of ethics, social concerns within which corporate personnel’s should contain themselves in dealing with society. The demarcation between right, wrong, good, evil has been placed in every single human by Lord but the educational, societal influences do mould this sense. Even then, no factor can endow any man with the license to remain oblivious of ethical responsibility. Human existence is sacred as a whole; be it family, education, health, business.
What matters the most are the intentions and foundations from which good will and trust should sprout for all. Usually those involved in financial, corporate market consider money making to be their born right. If analyzed in this perspective, then all other field holders of life can place an equal claim. And what will be the effect on masses when the entire functionaries of a society set profit solely as their priority? Many opponents can put forward Malden Mill’s bankruptcy as a logical conclusion of such measures. The failure suffered by Malden Mills was neither a leadership failure nor a result of ill-placed noble intentions. State involvement and a little more practical deliberation from the administration could have saved an organization worth-saving. Yet no failure of whatever magnitude can ever undermine acting morally. If someone wishes to, then we should be prepared to grant license to all in want of money to act dishonestly with daring pride. Equally let teachers, health practitioners, lawyers along with brother business-men to become a little-less socially responsible. And who will determine the degree of deviation from being responsible should be well pondered by them.
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The execution of socially responsible and considerate behavior is a must for every person in the business sector. But usually an entirely opposite approach is observed. The management involved always gets pleased with profit-amassing steps and those outside this circle will be benefited only once their concerns are addressed. Thus an overall caring behavior is essential in envisaging a responsible policy guarding the interests of all, regardless of the company’s boundaries.
A key measure in helping out any business body to reform their policies is undoubtedly the considerate role of its leader from the company’s platform.
The critical decision by any company of limiting its interests, moral duties and responsibilities until its own borders or not, requires an exceptional, visionary wisdom and planning from its leader. This task is central to his role and from the rostrum of pure ethical abiding values; he should work for the benefit of all. The healthy effects then spread in the whole organizational body. Ultimately the society gets benefited at large.
Society and the functionaries within it are inter-related. They complement one another and become useless alone. Every company or business body should be concerned in the first place with what constitutes values. Employment of values with a moral guard earns respect and benefit for it in the longer run. Indeed it is the very essence of being a human when we analyze that whether our efforts will bring any comfort to those around? Moral righteousness should be the trademark of every company. Without it distrust and ill-will start prevailing attacking the very fabric of any society. Any business infra-structure imbued with socially responsible, caring concerns do ensure personal and professional success.
Guarding of fellow human’s interest is an undeniable obligation upon all which no individual or any larger body of humans can deny or usurp. Thus it is highly incumbent and mandatory upon every individual to obey a code of ethics in dealing with fellow humans. The doer of good today certainly reaps the best tomorrow. Every such single effort ultimately strengthens the fabric of whole human society which promises benefit equally for all.
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Corporate Social Responsibility – Malden Mills
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