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I. Context and Situation Analysis

Liberia is a country divided in to fifteen subdivision regions with little over 4.6millin population, where the literacy rate is 42.94% and poverty rate is high, many of the women are mothers of many children and the girl become bread winner through prostitution.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious threat to our society because of the above mention circumstances , the ability to prevent widespread of the virus required high volume of awareness in every corner of our country moreover the states home state of emergency strategy being imposed by government is one measure that we are working with to have control of the spread,  but on the other hands it become difficult situation for many lower incomes to survive most especially the women and girl who survive on prostitution which could be a easy risk for the widespread of the virus including  people who survive on daily hustle.

The context should provide an analysis of the broad political context – nature of conflict / emergency/ humanitarian situation as well as how it relates to the current COVID19 crisis. It should also contain an analysis of the situation of local civil society organizations working on women’s engagement in peace and security and humanitarian processes as well as that of women and girls in your particular context

II. Rationale for WPHF’s support

This project with help IDAD enforce women organization initiative to educate illiterate women and girls to understand the dangers involve in the widespread of COVID-19 and provides feeling to ensure that the state home emergency by the government is fully implemented without violating the right of the citizen to survive. 

This section will provide an overview your organization’s plans and expected result. It will explain the added value of this institutional support and how it would complement other initiatives. 

It will also contain the problem statement – challenges facing your civil society organization throughout the COVID19 and how the Project intends so solve it (underlining added value of your organization and why it is important to strengthen its operations and capacities). It will underline, for example, how the COVID19 crisis undermines your availability to raise funding and implement your projects, hence necessitating institutional support throughout the crisis. 

III. Results and Resources Framework

This section describes the results to be achieved by the Project and the means of implementation (narrative). 

The results will also be formulated in a results framework (using the same format in Annex A).

New indicators must be SMART and contribute to higher level of WPHF’s Theory of Change. Key activities that are necessary to produce each output are also defined. Activities do not have indicators. In the “Means of Verification/Sources of Information” column, identify the methods and sources of information that will be used to measure performance against the indicators.

A Resource framework using UNDG’s categories will also be included (See Annex B).

IV. Partnerships

This section will provide a partners’ assessment detailing each partner’s role, added value and capacities. 

Particular attention will be given to explaining how partnerships and coalition building will help support local, grassroots and/or community women’s or women’s rights CSOs. 

V. Monitoring, reporting and management Arrangements

This section will describe the management arrangements, as well as monitoring, evaluation (if any), reporting and research activities (including the research projects) that will be developed through this Project, if any. This section will also include a risk analysis and proposed mitigation measures. 

VIII. Sustainability

This section will describe how the results’ sustainability will be ensured.



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