Controversy Over Executive Remuneration at BP (Critical Essay)

Read the case study: Controversy Over Executive Remuneration at BP (see link below).

Write a 5-page critical essay that addresses the following questions: 

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Controversy Over Executive Remuneration at BP (Critical Essay)
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How would you describe BP and its position within the oil and gas industry?
Using the assumptions made by the company, is the compensation package justified? Explain your position based on the company’s history, position, and market indicators.
What arguments do the board members have for and against the compensation package?
What flaws, if any, might be inherent in using Bob Dudley’s or Royal London’s arguments? Would you recommend that Bob Dudley receive compensation, or would you side with the board?

Include a description of your approach to the issues and your solutions to the problems described in the case.
Your critical essay should meet the following requirements: 

Be 5 pages in length, not including the title and references pages
Cite a minimum of three references 
APA format, include introduction and conclusion


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