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Sample presentation is on Prezi but you are to make it in powerpoint and I will turn into SOM: 

Here is the link to the sample presentaiton:


Presentation requirements:

  • Your presentation will be submitted as a weblink that you have created either from building a Prezi presentation or a Screencast-o-matic (SOM) of a slide presentation.  Instructions for creating and uploading your presentation for either Prezi or SOM are below.  
  • If your presentation is a Prezi it must contain 10 – 20 elements (what we would call slides in power point).  If your presentation is an SOM is must contain 12 – 20 slides and be no longer than 15 minutes in length.
  • There must be a visual element (photos. videos).
  • There must be a narrative component (audio or written narration).
  • You will submit this presentation to your classmates to review and discuss as a part of the Week Eight Forum.


Depending on the type of organism you have chosen you will address different sets of questions.  Please see the category that responds to your selection.



I.             Organism Introduction: your presentation must contain:

a.    The common and scientific names of your organism

b.    Where you observed your organism (e.g. country, state, park, zoo).

c.    A discussion on why you selected this organism

d.   If possible, a picture of you observing your organism safely in the field.

II.           Energy Ecology: your presentation must address how does the organism obtains its energy.  For example: what are its food sources, types of food, amount of food and/or the temporal pattern of feeding?

III.         Reproductive Ecology: your presentation must address the reproductive strategies of your organism.  For example, discuss how your microbe undergoes asexual reproduction.

IV.         Habitat: your presentation must discuss where your organism lives.  This does not refer to a city or state; rather it is the natural environment in which your organism lives.  Some factors to consider when discussing habitat include abiotic factors like soil or water as well as biotic factors like predators, prey or hosts.

V.           Responses to the Environment: your presentation must address if your organism responses to physical factors such as light, substrate texture or density.



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