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The contract value for this project will be for a guaranteed maximum price of $). All work will be completed as required in the modified General Conditions and the Standard Form of Agreement for a Guaranteed Construction has great interest in this project because it is a design of steel base construction we are familiar with. The design is ambitious and will be a great addition to the campus. We are familiar with this type of space frame, base isolation design as it was recently implemented in the Lab project for which we were the General ContractorConstruction Manager.
This project was successful through the involvement of the construction management team in the preconstruction process. A constant exchange of ideas determined the best fabrication and erection practices and team members were able to agree upon major cost and constructability issues. We propose for this project with the stipulation that we are highly involved in preconstruction process. On a site with such grade slope, shoring, erection and accessibility are complex issues that require strategic planning.
Our project and field teams understand base isolator design constructability and will be able to fficiently and safely implement the product per the desired outcomes of To prepare to build a facility being constructed on a narrow steep slope between a road and adjacent buildings we will need to grub and clear the hillside, construct a retaining wall and begin excavation for the concrete pier foundations.

This ensures the safety of the general public using the road and will provide the stability needed in a steep hillside. Construction will anticipate and schedule crane picks of steel and material to mitigate partial road closures. Supports will be temp welded to the oundations while the steel is being erected to counter uplift. This is a hazard characteristic of a raised deck structure that many overlook. BIM (Building Information Modeling) will be a valuable tool throughout this project. The facility’s design complexity will require a great deal of precise prefabrication.
Each structural member of the base frame must be aligned perfectly and this task alone requires innovation. Our pre construction team worked very closely with the design team on our Lab project and the dividends were countless. We encountered one single misalignment in the space frame base which happened to be a flaw n fabrication. The use of BIM proved to not only save costs in time and material but was a means of checks and balances in terms of insuring engineering integrity of the structure itself.
Our team is well suited for and recently experienced this preconstruction collaboration. The project will be a testament to the dedication has to pushing design and innovation to its limit. Construction offers the calculated construction techniques needed to safely and smoothly execute these leading edge designs. Please contact myself or our offices with any questions. We patiently await your response.

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Construction Business Memo
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