conflict resolution psychology


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conflict resolution psychology
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Topic: Violent Behavior in Institutions

1- What does an institution need to do to be sure that its workers are safe? 

2- Mention the 5 main components of an effective safety and health program to prevent workplace violence.

3-Briefly describe each one.


1. The answer should be based on the knowledge obtained from reading the attached chapter from the book. It is not your personal opinion.

1. A chapter from the Book was attached and online literature with references included

· APA style will be strictly enforced. 

· I am expecting a minimum of 400 words. 

· There are 3 questions in the discussion, you must answer all of them completely, in a professional and well written presentation. 

· Remember this is a Nursing professional paper.

I am expecting to answer the question and justified it based on peer review literature or information in your book.

If other References are used in addition to the book must have: 

Serial/journal articles 

Volume number, in italics. 

Issue number. This is bracketed immediately after the volume number but not italicized. 

Month, season or other designation of publication if there is no volume or issue number. 

Include all page numbers. Ex: 7(1),24 Sergiev, P. V., Dontsova, O. A., & Berezkin, G. V. (2015). 


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