comp science paper

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“Systems administration” and “network administration” sound a lot alike, and in practice it’s sometimes difficult to tell them apart. Yet there is a substantial amount of effort invested by the technical community, supported by a lot of managers, to maintain this distinction. There’s also a groundswell of resistance to the distinction, as evidenced in the dialog reported here:
Microsoft, the 900 pound gorilla of software, and discusses the profession(s) as follows:
Microsoft Solutions for Management: System Administration
It’s also perhaps useful to take a look at this alternative classification of administrators:
Know your System Administrator – GNU Project – Free Software Foundation (FSF)

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comp science paper
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The background information presents a number of other points of view on this and related issues, and you may wish to do your own research, on the Internet, as appropriate. When you’ve had a chance to contemplate this distinction and its effects on management of networks and systems, please prepare a 5 page paper addressing the question:
Why do companies find it necessary to distinguish between network administration and systems administration?


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