Comp. 1 Reading Assignment due 11:59pm 9/23

Read and follow directions very carefully.

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Comp. 1 Reading Assignment due 11:59pm 9/23
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Many of the works in this unit debate whether or not a college degree is necessary for job seekers. In a paragraph of 300-400 words, argue why high school graduates should go immediately to college or immediately into the workforce. Correctly introduce and quote from a text assigned in this module (either readings from the textbook or those in Course Content) to support your argument. As always, include internal citations and a work cited entry.

Begin your paragraph with a clear and direct topic sentence and maintain an academic tone and vocabulary level. This is an opportunity to practice paragraph structure, the proper use of sources, and the style of writing you will employ in your essays.


Write 300-400 words in response to the above prompt. This includes the first word of the response to the last word of the response; the title, heading, and Works Cited page are not included in the word count. Please write one or two paragraphs of response rather than an essay.

Follow the document formatting guidelines as indicated in the MLA section of your handbook.  Instructions for MLA format are in Module 0.

Use in-text, parenthetical citations in MLA format each time you paraphrase, summarize, or quote directly from a source. 

Include a corresponding MLA-formatted Works Cited page.

Use third-person academic voice for all responses in this course. Do NOT use first person (I, me, my, us, we) or second person (you, your).

Use the literary present tense (say “Giovanni argues for control” not “Giovanni argued for control”).

Save and submit your work as either Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or a Rich Text Document (.rtf).

The Originality Report generated by Turn It In must not exceed 25%. Submit work early to review the report and contact your instructor with questions.


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