Community Outreach Assignment

In culmination of the semester, you will write a 500 word reflection essay about your civic experience helping others within your community. Your Community Outreach Project will include a picture/collage of pictures of yourself while volunteering or actively participating within the community. Social Responsibility will be assessed.


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Community Outreach Assignment
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Your essay should address the following questions:

What is the social issue/need of this organization?
What is the broader impact of the issue this organization addresses regionally, nationally and/or globally?
How did your experience working with other cultures expand your awareness of the elements and biases in your own culture?
How did your experience provide you with a greater understanding of other cultures?
What does it mean to you to help others in your community?
Give background information about your volunteer experience. Such as: who volunteers, what socioeconomic group is involved, why do the volunteer, etc.?
You will need to refer to the approved list below to find an organization in the community to complete this assignment. Your 500 word essay in a word document will address the above questions. You will volunteer, take pictures of you volunteering, and then submit your picture/collage of pictures and your 500 word essay about your experience and what it means to help others in your community.

The following are approved organizations to choose from:

Houston Food Bank
March of Dimes (Spring Semester only)
Humane Society
Habitat for Humanity
Participating in an organized run, walk or ride (Breast Cancer, Houston Marathon, Avon Walk, MS150, etc.)
Special Olympics (not coaching)
Shape Community
Woman’s Shelter (site to find other options)


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