Communication Plan


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Communication Plan
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This is a 2 part project (8-10 pages report and 10-12 slide Powerpoint)

Select a US Company/organization and create a complete Communications Plan with an accompanying PowerPoint presentation for key stakeholder group(s). The Communications Plan should focus on a specific project or initiative to be implemented or event to be managed. The plan should describe the specific project to be implemented including the business problem or purpose, the specific objectives of the project, and the key stakeholder groups and their role in the initiative.

The Communications Plan for this initiative should include the following:

Goals and Objectives of the Communication Plan

Key Messages


Media and Tools

Specific Tactics (describe the implementation)


Legal or ethical Issues

Monitoring/Control Strategy (during implementation)

Communications Strategy (to include communication of financial as well as ethical or value-based implications to various stakeholders)

Outcome Evaluation, including contribution to the mission of the organization

*The following Web site can be used as a reference for the document to be created:

Bray, R. (2002). Spin works! Spin Academy. Retrieved from

Apply APA standards to citation of sources.


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