communication paper


After attending the event or watching the video, students must write a short reflection in which they answer the following questions:

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communication paper
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  1. What specific views did participants express during the conversation that impacted your thinking about dialogue in the face of incivility today?  How did those views affect your thinking?
  2. How successfully did the participants foster civility among themselves?  In what behaviors did they engage that promoted civility?  Which behaviors detracted from it?
  3. On what points did participants differ in their views?  How did they express their different views?  How did their expression of these differences among them affect the quality of dialogue?
  4. How well did the participants listen to each other?  Describe a particular moment in the interaction in which you observed effective listening?
  5. What did you learn from this conversation about your own interactions with others in today’s often polarized environment?  What lessons will you take with you from the talk into your own conversations with others?

Your reflection must be no less than 750 words.  Students should type their reflection papers and submit an electronic copy on Isidore to the “Extra Credit Dialogue Reflection” Assignment link.  

Link to video:

All extra credit reflections due by November 16.


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