Communication class debate

The debates have been modified for the purpose of ensuring participation by everyone. Each debate will consist of 6 persons debating where one team (3 members) will take on the role of Government and the other team (3 members) will be Opposition. Careful consideration should be given to organization, evidence and arguments used, time limits and delivery. Debaters will be evaluated on MATTER (content) and MANNER (delivery) – therefore, what you say is as important as how you say it. Debate topics are about current events. More specific directions will be given in class regarding both debates.

Topic : The house believes that privacy is more important than the freedom of the press. 

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Communication class debate
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This is my topic and our group members are in opposition side which is advocate for press. I would like to get some contents(includes resources, researches) of our side that we can use it in debate.  It need to be [1st person (8) – 2nd person (7)- 3rd person (5)] minutes long. If possible, scripts are welcome.


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