Since my EBP is proposing nursing intervention through provision of medication education to improve adherence to oral therapies used for treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis, the independent variable that will be measured is frequency of patient medication education provided by nursing; quality/content and length of education; tools/means used in providing education and patient understanding of therapy management.
The dependent variable to be measured is patient satisfaction with treatment and ability to manage therapy independently.
It is important to know how patients feel about their care and treatment, because patients’ satisfaction with treatment and ability to manage therapy independently would be an indication that patient is happy with care being provided, understands treatment modalities / requirements and are likely to comply. Satisfaction with treatment, in this case, will also, mean decreased adverse reactions to treatment from improper use of medication, found to be a major reason for discontinuing treatment due to insufficient counselling and education on medication use. ( Alami, Hervouet, Poiraudeau, Briot, Roux, 2016)


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My EBP project is designed around the idea that the level of safety of the nursing environment directly impacts the ability of a healthcare organization to recruit and retain good nurses.  The safety of the environment includes both safety from the aspect of potential violence committed against healthcare employees by patients and visitors, and the violence of nurse to nurse bullying.  It has long been known that nurses are often not friendly or helpful with new nurses, and my goal is to show that having a supportive environment that promotes a safe and secure environment along with a strong anti-bullying message is vital to the retention of nurses.
The independent variables are the education of nursing to the new anti-bullying stance of management, the involvement of management in the promotion of new policies related to bullying, and the immediate response of all staff and management when bullying occurs.  A zero tolerance policy must be in place.  Also enhancing the safety of the environmnt by improved lighting, signage, and the addition of cameras, locked entrances to patient areas, and increased visability of security personel.


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