Combat Veterans: PTSD/TBI with Alcholo and Drug Addiction

For this Assignment, use will practice steps in Evidence-Based Practice. 1) You will think of a practice problem. 2) You then conduct a literature review on available research. 3) You will evaluate the evidence to determine which intervention to use. 4) You will consider client values and your clinical expertise. 5) You will think about what you hope the client gains from this intervention (i.e., decreased depression, increased quality of life, decreased PTSD symptoms) and consider how you might measure this change.


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Combat Veterans: PTSD/TBI with Alcholo and Drug Addiction
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Ø Population: Combat Veterans 
Ø presenting Problem: PTSD/TBI with alcohol and drug addiction
Ø Conduct a literature review focused on the presenting problem within the population of interest.

Submit an 8- to 10-page scholarly paper supported with a minimum of six peer-reviewed articles as references. In the paper, you should:

· Briefly describe the population and presenting problem you are focusing on for this assignment.

· Provide a review of the articles you reviewed from this project and explain what you learned from conducting this research.

· Briefly describe at least 2 evidence-based interventions currently used for combat veterans(PTSD/TBI/alcohol and drug addiction) when addressing this particular problem. Provide supporting references when explaining the evidence behind the interventions.

· Explain which of these interventions you might choose to use and why.

o Consider client values and your clinical expertise and how those might affect your decision of which intervention to use.

· Describe how you might apply the specific skills and techniques of the chosen intervention.

· Briefly explain how you could measure the outcomes of this intervention.

· Explain any cultural considerations that you need to take into account when working with this population or the particular presenting problem.

· Discuss how the Code of Ethics applies when working with this particular presenting problem and population.

· Explain how you would apply a trauma-informed lens when working with this population.

Support your Final Project with specific references to the resources. Be sure to provide full APA citations for your references.


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