Week 5: Multimedia Tool SelectionView Full Description 

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Part 1:

Choose one of the presentation tools listed in the Week 5 lesson or from the list below (aside from PowerPoint) to explore as a possible choice for your final project. Describe which tool you have chosen and why you are considering it. Discuss the following:

1. What functions of the tool are highlighted or demonstrated by the manufacturer?
2. What best uses of the tool are described by the manufacturer or in product reviews?
3. Look at the Week 7 Final Presentation directions and rubric located in Assignments. Which features of the tool would be helpful to you in the development of your final project. Explain why.
4. Explain why or why not you would consider using this tool to create your final presentation. 

In addition to the presentation tools listed in the Week 5 lesson, feel free to explore these excellent tools for this assignment:

Adobe Spark:
Google Slides:

Please Note: You must explore a tool other than PowerPoint for this discussion.

Part 2: 

Include one graphic (the picture/image, please) you plan to use in your presentation and explain how it will be used; add the reference information for the image. Don’t forget to add the image reference and summary to your Source Organization Worksheet. 

Call on the rubric (linked below) to ensure you are meeting participation expectations. Please make sure you do the following:

  • Post your initial post no later than 11:55 PM Thursday.
  • Respond to a minimum of 2 peers including at least 1 of the following: 
    • offering advice or strategy
    • posing a question,
    • providing an alternative point-of-view,
    • acknowledging similar experiences
    • sharing a resource
  • Manage your own thread throughout the entire week by responding to your instructor and your classmates. 


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