Coin and Paper Money Will Soon Be Replaced

Coins & Paper money will soon be replaced by Credit Cards. It is a fact that we live in a corrupt society. We hear a lot of robberies everyday. People are afraid to bring home money from the bank. These robberies are not only taking place at homes, but also there are pick pockets who rob people while traveling. People are frightened to take money with them for shopping. They face a lot of problems whenever they need to buy some expensive things. It is a common fact that new inventions take place in every generation according to the comfort of people.
So atlast to solve people’s problems in carrying money with them, banks with the help of Government introduced Credit cards and other bank cards. These cards are very useful in a way as people don’t have to carry coins & paper money with them. They can pay their bills with the help of these credit cards. These credit cards are used in such a way that when one uses the card, the bank pays the amount on his behalf. Then one has to pay this amount from his bank account on phone or he can use bank checks as well as cash money. This is all upto him.
Also if people don’t have money at the time, they can delay their payment for the time being. The bank will pay it on your behalf & you can give this money back in easy installments or you can pay it back atonce whenever you have it. So due to all these benefits Credit Cards are becoming more and more common these days. So we can say that a time will come when we will see no coins and paper money. They will be replaced by Credit Cards. Eventually we will have a cashless society which will be safer and more convenient for everyone.

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Coin and Paper Money Will Soon Be Replaced
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