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This week we are focusing on the criminal justice system as a non-system. This system is composed of three sections law enforcement, judicial, and corrections. Each section can change its structure depending on where it falls (city or state) and the history or culture. They must to take in to account to the level of crime for the structure as well. Looking at law enforcement how an officer responds to a situation will be determined the laws of the city that a put in place. For instance, we all see people tossing lit cigarettes out the window of a moving car or tossed while walking. If a city has a problem with fire and deems it a hazard like CA and forest fires or locations where outdoor fires are banned the officer will be stricter. Since a simple lit cigarette could result in a major fire which they may not be prepared for. On the other hand, if a officer from the city like NYC seen a person disposing of a lit cigarette they might give the individual littering a warning or ticket because it’s not a major problem. This example is how culture or history can affect the out come of the situation because the crime was committed and there were two different outcomes. This happens in the judiciary process as well as the corrections process. Discretion in all of these sections will depend on the culture and history of each entity (APUS, 2018).

When it comes to police departments being defective its is linked to due process, civil rights, use of deadly force, police brutality, etc. most of it deals with the non-system justice system. one must understand that all officers will respond to a situation differently from their training, experience level and the locations average level of crime. This is an important factor because if an officer from a small country town transfers to the big city its possible that they may not have the necessary training that is required. Also, the moral of a department if a key factor of the level of ethics that will be portrayed if the department is suffering ethically it will cause problems with the interactions between the officers and the community. For instance, if an officer over reacts to a person during a routine traffic stop it could escalate quickly and end in deadly force being used.  This happened daily no the shooting but the disrespect that an officer gives. I believe that is due to the current culture and the fact that some officers don’t receive the necessary and continuous training or that they don’t care and are going to do what they want. With actions like this the new recruits will see this and think that it’s the correct thing to do if not cleaned up the officer will see all the people in the community as an enemy and not an ally.

Successful preservice training aids officers in resolving problems with civilians and that we have to understand that knowledge is key in every aspect so that meant that rules, regulation and procedures are constantly changing, and one must understand that. That the importance of the training because new tactic can be developed on de-escalating a situation to result in the best outcome of a peaceful arrest.


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