Cloud Based IT Solutions

For effective team communication, data on cloud is greatly appreciated as it lessens the number of mail threads and attachments. The members are given edit permissions to simultaneously update the file and the administrator can manage the application and the users.Cost Effective and ScalableBuying software and deploying in individual systems involves a lot of money and hardware space.
Hence Small Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) prefer using cloud applications to minimize cost. Other benefits include automatic updates and periodical maintenance, unlimited storage capacity and easy access from any geographical location. Pay-as-you-go model is common on all cloud applications or rather it’s one-time payment and above all the services are scalable according to the end user’s requirement without any impact on the performance.
To ensure security measures have been implemented the service provider issues service level agreements (SLAs) to the legitimate users.DisadvantagesAlthough there are lots of pros in cloud computing, one has to accept the fact there can always be an outage or some technical problems. There’s a high risk involved in transferring confidential data to cloud and hence the company’s are expected to make sure their data is secured with their service provider.

Hackers steal data from a physical machine through side-channel attack by monitoring the cached data from a virtual machine. Side-channel attacks are a class of attacks where an attacker attempts to assess the state of a cryptographic device and its contents. Botnet attack is yet another crucial issue when malicious codes are injected where the authentic users are denied access. Kourik states “new vulnerabilities inherent to Cloud computing include breaches from one virtual computing space to another, misappropriation of session security from web protocols, and limited encryption capabilities in many protocols.”(2011)
Due to resource pooling, the data entered by the previous user may be retrieved through data recovery and accessed by the current allocated user.The other issues include failure to access data during internet downtime (typically during natural calamities) and flexibility to swap other cloud applications and delayed or no prompt customer support. Although the SLAs are produced by the service provider, the user is bound to do the due diligence periodically as there are possibilities of having difference administrative laws throughout the world.

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Cloud Based IT Solutions
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