click lick on poem just need some minor changes


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click lick on poem just need some minor changes
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Continue work on your poetry collection this week. Utilize the comments from the professor and your peers to develop, clarify, add to, and revise your poems.

When you submit your Poetry Collection Revised Draft on Sunday please highlight all of the changes you implemented between your draft and your revision so as to clearly demonstrate the adjustments that occurred as a result of the revision process.


Feedback need to be adjust

Job well done with the drafting process! Your poems are great!

For your revision, I’d like you to try reading through out loud and making small yet meaningful adjustments. For example, where is there a word you can change or an image still to add that will further the connection with your readers?

General Reminders:

* Poems in this assignment should focus on maintaining the balance of content and structure, word choice, line breaks, rhyme, and meter. The secondary focus should be the ordering of the three pieces and the presentation as a collection. Consider how these poems work together even if they seem to be striving towards doing different things.

* The three poems have no specific required length but should be substantial for the intended purpose.

* Format as follows: 12 point Times New Roman font with one-inch margins. Use MLA formatting and citations as needed. (Note that I do not require research for this assignment.)

With those reminders, continue to develop, clarify, add to, and revise. Your revision is due before midnight on Sunday. Remember to keep copies of all drafts for inclusion in the Final Portfolio.

As with all other revisions, please highlight changes.


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