Classroom Procedures, Rules, Consequences, and Rewards

Students and teachers need to have procedures for everything based on the needs of the particular class. Establishing classroom procedures, rules, consequences, and reward systems help to optimize time for instruction and allows the learning environment to operate efficiently.
In this assignment, you will  create Section 3 “Classroom Procedures” and the Section 4 “Rules, Consequences, and Reward Systems.”
Part 1: Classroom Procedures
Use the “Class Profile” as a sample class of students for your selected grade level and complete the “Procedures , Rules, Consequences, and Rewards” template.

Five procedures, including one procedure addressing students’ safe and responsible use of technology
The purpose of each procedure
Procedure steps and activities
When each procedure will be introduced, modeled, and practiced
Assessment and feedback

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Classroom Procedures, Rules, Consequences, and Rewards
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Below your procedures write a 100-150 word rationale explaining how procedures minimize distractions and maximize instructional time.
Part 2: Rules, Consequences, and Rewards
List five rules and five consequences for your future classroom that include:

Classroom behavior rules that create a safe and productive learning environment
Explanation of your consequences in action,
Description of where and how you will document the consequences.
Explanation of your personal reward system.

Support your writing with a minimum of 2-3 scholarly resources.


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