CIS 554 Discussion 1 and 2

Discussion 1
“Guidelines for WBS” Please respond to the following:

• The Work Breakdown Structure is an essential tool for planning and managing the activities of a software project. Suggest three guidelines that may be used when developing a WBS. Explain why each guideline is critical to the development of the WBS.
• Analyze how each guideline identified in Part 1 of this discussion can enhance a project manager’s ability to manage the project during the planning and controlling phases of the project.

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CIS 554 Discussion 1 and 2
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Discussion 2
“Critical Path Method (CPM)” Please respond to the following:

• The Critical Path Method can be used as a project management tool for determining the durations and slack times of project activities. Describe how this tool can be used to recover from schedule overruns of specific activities that are not on the critical path. Provide an example to justify your answer.
• Analyze how the Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) method may be used in conjunction with CPM to schedule activities throughout the project life cycle.


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