China’s currency strategy

The goal is to clearly deliver a concept in International Finance to classmates.  For atleast  10  minutes,  you  will  be  in  my  shoes.   Please  remember  that  the  audience  mayhave no previous knowledge about your topic.  Simplifying the language and definingkey words is important.•During the talk,  each group should (i) introduce the topic,  (ii) explain why it is important, (iii) provide evidence related to the topic (tables/graphs/examples/videos/weblinks/TopHat questions, anything you want), and (iv) conclude
.•The usual guideline is to allocate 2 minutes per slide, but this is a guideline, not a rule.The exact number of slides depends on the style of the talk
.•After each talk, classmates will have the opportunity to ask questions, if any.•All team members must present.
•No formal attire is required.
•Please upload your
 slides before the class starts or email the slides to me prior to theclass.REPORT:
•The goal of the report is to summarize the talk to someone who missed it.  Rememberthat the reader may have no previous knowledge about the topic you picked.
•The report should be typed and submitted in hard copy in class.  Please state at thetop of your report the title of the talk, the section you are enrolled in (002/003/005),and the names of all group members.
•Layout:  Two-pages, single-spaced, font size 12, Arial font (or similar).
•The report is required to be short, butexpectedto be clear and professional.
•The report can incorporate information that was not presented in class.  The two-pagescan be plain text or divided into sections.  Bullet points are not allowed.
•All references must be listed on page 3 (this is mandatory due to plagiarism).
•Tables and graphs can be added as Appendix (this is optional).  If so, they need to benumbered and referred to in the text.The floor will be yours, be creative!

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China’s currency strategy
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