child advocacy

Please choose an assigned writing in Modules 2-8 or an article of your own selection.  You will identify the article for me so I can follow your analysis.  (If you choose your own article, you must provide me a copy of the article you used when completing this assignment).

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child advocacy
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When reviewing the article please analyze the following:

(Utilize Module 8’s power point)

  • How could the author improve this article?
    • tone
    • vocabulary
    • sentence structure
    • avoiding assumptions and generalizations
    • point of view

Write a 2-page paper critiquing the article on the above factors.  Make specific recommendations with specific examples.  Include a comprehensive analysis on the how the changes you suggest would substantially strengthen the author’s writing and why.

  • Be sure to use in-text citations.  Since you will be quoting where the author could have improved his/her work then you will be citing as follows:  (Smith, 2018, p. 200)
  • Include a title page
  • You do not need an abstract page
  • Include a references’ page

Utilize the Rubric (although 2 pages…not 3 pages)


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