Chef Charlie Trotter

Science, and turned him into a food. Even though, with the help of his roommate, Chef discovered a passion for cooking, he still graduated with a degree in Political Science. Obtaining a degree in Political Science didn’t mean much anymore to Chef Trotter, since he grew fond of cooking, so he went to further is education in the world of Culinary Arts. He went to school an additional five years chasing his new found dream. He worked and studied in Chicago, Florida, Europe, and San Francisco where he attended California Culinary Academy.
The more knowledge he gained the more his drive to become a chef grew stronger. In 1987 Chef Trotter opened his first restaurant in Chicago which was simply called “Charlie Trotter’s”. This was his most famous restaurants, winning him many awards. For over two decades “Charlie Trotter’s” was known as the best fine dining experience not only in America but also the world. He and his restaurants made Asian fusion well known or some would say what it is today. Chef Trotter also opened “Trotter’s To Go”.
This was a high end, ell known delicatessen and catering shop in the heart of Chicago. His restaurants were known for being “the best”. He was the “Midas Man”, every place that bared his name was turned into gold. In 2008 he opened “Restaurant Charlie” and “Bar Charlie” both located in the bright lights of Alas Vegas and both were equally successful. Beyond his culinary status, Chef Trotter was also known for a giving heart. He was involved in many charities, one being his own which is called “Charlie Trotter Culinary Education Foundation”.

To gain support Chef would host weekly inner for high school students and underwritten annual fund-raising dinners for the foundations. Chef Trotter has been recognized in the culinary world. He has been awarded the James Bearded Outstanding chef award in 1999. He was also invited to the White House where President Bush and Colic Powell presented him with an award of being one out five “heroes” for his work in his foundation. All the awards were leading to the biggest of them all, the induction of the Culinary Hall Of Fame in 2013. This made Chef Trotter the 57th inductee.
Unfortunately, Chef was found dead, by his son Dylan, at his home in Lincoln Park, IL on November 5th 2013. After being rushed to hospital he was pronounced dead on arrival. The corner reports it was due to a stroke. His death saddened the culinary world but his life made the world proud. Works Cited Rosemary Regina Cobol, Jeremy Corner, Phil Vetted and Mark Carr, Tribune Reporters Star Chef. Com, Chef Charlie Trotter of Charlie Trotter’s – Biography Worldviews. Org, World’s Top 50 Restaurants 2007 Camp, David, “Charlie Trotter, a Leader Left Behind”

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Chef Charlie Trotter
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