Characteristics of Successful Student

Use below my words keys to be sucess
I think to be successful I must have determination, patience along with perseverance. By doing so I must be a person with a strong desire to succeed and achieve what I want in life. I should keep good behavior towards others and be aware of the consequences of my actions and be disciplined, mature, and use them thoughtfully.
Major Writing Assignment 
Note: It is essential to follow the Writing Process; do not skip steps as this will cost you time in the long run.
Topic: Characteristics of successful students 
What characteristics are essential for success in college, career, and in life.
Audience: Teens through adults
Assignment: (Minimum of 4 typed pages; maximum 6 typed pages: Times New Roman, 12, default 1” margins)
Identify qualities or characteristics that successful students exhibit or need to develop. Select 4-5 of these characteristics and write an essay in which you discuss each of these characteristics and to what extent you exhibit them.  
· Begin by reading the directions carefully. 
· Begin brainstorming by making a list of different characteristics or traits. Then select 4-5 that you feel you already have. Or select 2-3 that you already have and 1-2 that you need to work on.
· Once you have identified the characteristics you will be writing about, start jotting down ideas to develop these characteristics. You might want to have 4 pages – one for each characteristic when you brainstorm ideas.
· Review your notes and answers, group some ideas together, add more ideas or delete some ideas
· Analyze your notes, highlight or circle several ideas that you think are related and that you feel are important to you. ONLY choose those ideas and examples that you feel strongly about, quality ideas that your reader will find interesting or ideas that are not plain basic statements or universal truths.
· Based on your pre-writing and ideas, generate a working thesis statement following the formula:
o Topic + your opinion + reasons why the reader should agree with you or accept your opinion OR
o Topic + attitude + list of specific characteristics you will be discussing
· Create an outline before beginning to draft your essay. The outline format example is on the back of this document. Make sure you follow the MLA guidelines formatting your outline and your essay.
· Remember, the more you think, plan, and organize, the easier it will be to write the actual essay.
I. Introduction
A. Attention-getter/hook your reader – use a quote, an anecdote, a story, or some interesting facts
B. Provide some general background about the topic
C. State your Claim = thesis statement (the last sentence in your introduction)
II. Body paragraphs. For this paper you will have 4-5 depending on how many characteristics you have selected
A. Body paragraph 1 – focus on ONE characteristic ONLY
1. Topic sentence
2. Explain your characteristic; 
3. Close your paragraph 
B. Body paragraphs 2-4 or 2-5 – follow the same pattern as you did for body paragraph 1
III. Conclusion – wrap up your paper. 
A. For inspiration look at your introduction and see how you bring closure to some of your ideas, 
B. restate your thesis statement/claim, 
C. summarize your body paragraphs in 1-2 sentences. 
D. If you are stuck, ask a friend to read your paper and tell you what it is about in his/her own words. Write those words down and see if you can get inspired 
IV. Submit your Annotated Bibliography assignment here. It will have to be one file – see examples using the links I posted last week. Your file has to be saved in Word OR if you are using Mac computer, save your file in .rtf format. If I cannot open your file, I will not be able to grade it.

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Characteristics of Successful Student
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