Character Profile

 You will complete a Character Profile during the course. You will choose a historical figure to study from the list provided. To complete the Character Profile assignment, you will fill-in the Character Profile Template. Sections of the template may vary, but you must meet the 600–700-word count requirement. This word count does not include the introductory information, citations, or the reference list. You will need to use at least 3 scholarly resources in current Turabian format. A grading rubric is provided to show how your instructor will grade your work.


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Character Profile
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· Abraham Lincoln
· Jefferson Davis
· William H. Seward
· Judah P. Benjamin
· Ulysses S. Grant
· Joseph E. Johnston
· William T. Sherman
· Nathan Bedford Forrest
· Oliver O. Howard
· Leonidas Polk
· Frederick Douglass
· Mary Todd Lincoln
· Varina Howell Davis
· Harriet Tubman
· Fanny Crosby
· Louisa May Alcott
· Julia Ward Howe
· Harriet Beecher Stowe
· Dorothea Dix
· Mary Bickerdyke
· Rose O’Neal Greenhow
· Mary Boykin Chesnut


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