Certified Scrum Professional – Scrum Master (CSP-SM)-2

1. Design and facilitate a retrospective with senior leaders and executives to foster continuous improvement at the organizational level. 
2. Write an experience report with at least two tangible examples of how you developed and changed the culture of your team (or organization) from a command-and-control to an Agile mindset.
3. Organize and facilitate the creation (or refinement) of the product vision between the Product Owner and stakeholders. Use one of the templates on Pages 33-36 in workbook.
4. Study at least two team development models (eg. Tuckman’s team development stages, Team Performance Curve or Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of Teams) and apply to your teams. Write an experience report on effective ness of those models. Refer to page 42 of workbook for details on models.
5. Apply at least three techniques for addressing team dysfunctions (e.g., building trust, encouraging healthy conflict, fostering mutual accountability, etc.). Bring notes to the workshop. Refer to pages 43-47 of workbook for details.
6. Introduce Advanced Engineering practices (eg. eXtreme Programming, DevOps etc) to one or many teams and document the training or coaching techniques you have used and how those techniques worked.
7. Create the following coaching agreement with development team and bring it to the workshop. Refer to pages 26-27 of workbook for details.
Coaching Agreement
Team Name: 
Coaching Duration : 
Role of Coach:
Coach’s Responsibilities:
Team’s Responsibilities:

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