It is August 25th and you are the Director of Health for Smalltown, USA.  This coastal town has a population of 6,500 year round residents and swells to 30,000 during the summer months.  The town has full-time police, fire, and health department, and a volunteer emergency management director.  The town has identified Smalltown Elementary School, 125 Main Street, as its primary emergency shelter.  Due to its location on the coast, frequent power outages, and the use of wells for water, many residents have small household generators.

The weather service is forecasting a powerful storm that is due to make landfall on August 28th.  This storm is projected to have potentially hurricane force winds and heavy rain.

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Using the principles of CERC, other resources you may find, and information from the CDC on hurricanes (link below), write a press release that prepares residents for pre and post storm, along with information indicating if they must relocate to a shelter.The body of the paper shall be 2 to 3 pages in length and must be formatted according to APA guidelines (refer to the Course Information link for APA resources).  Use at least three references as research sources for your paper.  The Emergency Management and Homeland Security program LibGuide, located in the Course Information link is a good place to start your research.  State emergency management agency websites and the FEMA website are also excellent resources when conducting research on this topic.


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