CD2 Article 6

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  • File Understanding Bullying Behavior.pdf  Understanding Bullying Behavior.pdf – Alternative Formats               (2.482 MB) 
  • Title: “Understanding Bullying Behavior: What Educators Should Know and Can” by Elizabeth Kandel Englander
    Introduction: This article addresses the idea that children should be given opportunities to understand the characteristics of bullying.
    The Assignment
    Summarize the article by answering  the three questions listed below. Each question should have an answer  that has a minimum of 5 to 7 sentences. Please make sure you read the  statement on Plagiarism. Also, do not copy and paste the articles – that  is plagiarism.
                    What is the main focus of the article?
                    What are three strategies that are discussed in the article?
                    How will you implement the strategies/ideas (from the article) when working with children?
    Grading Criteria: 
    The summary is graded on a 100 point scale; it is worth 5% of your overall class grade.
    Maximum points are given when length of 3 paragraphs with each paragraph containing 7 – 10 sentences is met.

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    CD2 Article 6
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    1 – 10 points are deducted for incorrect spelling and grammar.
    5 – 20 points are deducted if length requirement is not met.
    3 – 20 points are deducted if the summary does not contain useful strategies to use with young children.
    Due Date: Must be submitted to Blackboard by close of module.  Emailed assignments are not accepted.
    Resources: “Understanding Bullying Behavior” American Educator/Winter 2016-2017

    To Submit:  Assignment must be submitted through Blackboard by posted deadline.   Preferred server is Mozilla FIrefox. Click on the assignment submission  link below to submit your response.


  • Discussion Board   Discussion Board 6
       TITLE: Discussion Board 6


    This  discussion board will allow you to explore how different circumstances  and environments can have positive and negative effects on children.

    Respond  to the poem:  Children Learn What They Live by Dorothy Law, which is  included in the discussion board tab for this module.
    Texbook chapter 10
    Grading Criteria

    Complete response with support from opinion and an outside resource.
    Initial post posted by required deadline- 20 points (Sunday by 11:59)
    Initial post is detailed, demonstrates high quality, contributes to the discussion, and is referenced based– 7-10 sentences-0-20 points
    Peer responses- 2 or more responses posted to classmates-30 points (15 points each)
    Response posts are  detailed, demonstrate high quality, address specific points, and are  referenced based (book/experiences)- -minimum of 3-5 sentences-0-20
    Spelling and grammar 0-10


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